Loveland Roofing, LLC (Advertorial)

Years of Experience in Helping People

An old or damaged roof can be daunting. Let Loveland Roofing LLC help you get the best deal!

By Emma Castleberry

Jim Stoner, Owner of Loveland Roofing LLC, has been serving the Loveland community with his business for 16 years, but he has lived in Loveland for much longer.

“I’ve been here for 38 years,” he says. “I like everything about this area. I like the people, the temperatures, the change of seasons. It’s just an enjoyable place to live.”

Stoner was joined by an estimator, Ralph Muhlenbruck, in 2006. Muhlenbruck worked for National Catastrophe Adjusters in Indiana and traveled all across the Midwest to process insurance claims for property damage from wind, hail and storms. Stoner also has an education and employment background in insurance adjustment and together, the pair use their skills to help ensure their customers get the best deal on any roofing job. Not only will they provide you with a free, detailed estimate, but Stoner and Muhlenbruck will also handle all insurance negotiations on your behalf.

“One thing we have going for us is our background as adjusters,” says Stoner. “Any of these insurance claims that come in are really complicated for the homeowner and we can really help them on that. With a lot of plans, it’s hard to understand what the coverage is. People get a quote and they are lost right away. We try to help them and walk them through their insurance claim.

For Jim Stoner, this is a big part of business: helping people. This applies to his pricing strategy, too.

“We’re not trying to over-price anybody,” he says. “If we see someone has problems financially, we’ll go in and try to help them. Period. We give them a break every time.”

Stoner has over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry that has helped to make him a better business owner.

“I worked for other companies for many years – that had pros and cons,” he says. “I found a lot of the faults in the business and I have gained from that. I thought I could do a better job by opening my own. What I have learned from other companies, I put it into my own company and excel with it and better it in my way. Experience is a lot in business.”

This experience can be very helpful to anyone needing to service or replace a roof. Roofs last a long time, which means customers need to educate themselves on the latest roofing technology every time they are looking to purchase a new one.

“The average roof life expectancy is 20 years,” says Stoner.

If you’re roof is reaching its 20th birthday, or a one of Colorado’s notorious winter storms has caused damage from hail or wind, it’s time to give Loveland Roofing LLC a call.


This advertorial was published in the Loveland Reporter-Herald in spring of 2016.


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