Broomfield’s Neighborhood Bar

Buenos Tiempos celebrates 30 years in August

By Emma Castleberry

Buenos Tiempos is the modern-day equivalent of the everyone’s favorite Boston bar, says Co-owner Heather Hamilton.

“People joke about it being the ‘Cheers’ of Broomfield,” she says. “You’re always going to run into friends when you’re here.”

In 1986, Hamilton’s father, Rich, sold his poolhall in Boulder and moved to Broomfield to open Buenos Tiempos. Back then, Broomfield only had about 10 restaurants and was in need of a good gathering place, says Hamilton. This August, the restaurant will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

“We love being part of Broomfield and its community,” says Hamilton. “We’re getting ready to celebrate thirty years and we’re looking forward to celebrating another thirty years after that. ”

For Hamilton, co-owning and managing Buenos Tiempos presents an opportunity to interact with her close-knit community.

“I grew up here, so a lot of our customers are like family,” says Heather. “They’ve watched me grow up. I’ve watched a lot of the younger couples get married and have children and then they grow up. It’s a neat thing, living in a small town like that where pretty much everybody knows everybody.”

Buenos Tiempos is an active member of the small-town community of Broomfield. The family of owners and employees contribute regularly in a variety of ways. One of their annual contributions is to Broomfield High School’s sports gala.

“We bring a huge food buffet down and I bring my staff down and we serve,” Hamilton says. “Any time the high school comes asking, we’re more than happy to donate food or a gift certificate or whatever they need.”

In addition to helping with the high school, Buenos Tiempos donates to several area churches and helps with the Broomfield Community Foundation’s annual “Dancing with the Stars” fundraiser.

The restaurant also sponsors an annual car show and golf tournament, events that have brought together the Broomfield community for over 15 years. This year, Buenos Tiempos will be partnering with the Broomfield Special Olympics for these two events. The car show, on May 1, will have a 50-50 raffle fundraiser with proceeds to benefit the Broomfield Special Olympics. The fee for entering the golf tournament on June 11th is $120, $20 of which will go to helping members of the Special Olympics purchase equipment and jerseys. For more information about either event, see the Buenos Tiempos website or call Heather at the bar.

“It will be something different,” says Hamilton. “A lot of my regulars are excited that we’re doing that. They are definitely going to make sure that they play this year to help out a good cause like that.”

Many things separate Buenos Tiempos from other restaurants. Some customers love them for their best-selling chicken fajita burrito or carnitas plate, with ingredients made fresh, in-house, every day. Buenos Tiempos keeps delicious food affordable with lunch specials starting at just $3.69. They have an expansive menu of authentic Mexican cuisine and a section of American favorites.

Others come to Buenos Tiempos for its fun activities, like Golden Tee, pinball or cornhole. They host pool leagues three nights a week, Monday through Wednesday, and Texas Hold’em poker night on Thursdays at 7pm. While these events give the restaurant character, Hamilton says what truly sets Buenos Tiempos apart is a fierce commitment to satisfaction.

“I care if you have a bad experience,” Hamilton says. “If you walk into a chain restaurant, you’re just one in a line of twenty or thirty people behind you. I want you to enjoy yourself because that means you’re going to come back and tell your friends to come and that means a lot to me.”

This was published in the Broomfield Enterprise in spring of 2016.


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