The competition is stiff. “Writers” are abundant, listicles are everywhere, and the art of journalism is experiencing a transformation. It seems like everyone wants content and they want it fast and dirty.

There is an army of “writers” who can churn out generic, humdrum copy for you at a low price – just browse UpWork for a few minutes (you’ll find my profile on there, too).  There are plenty of people who can write decently, but there are few who can do it with the precision, style, and professionalism that I can provide for you.

I’ve worked and studied in media for almost 8 years. Do you know what that many years in the media industry does to a person? It makes them nearly neurotic about detail and deadline. It teaches them how to talk to literally anyone – from the sweet little grandmother who doesn’t know how to use her cell phone to the arrogant, too-busy-for-your-bullshit CEO. Seven years in media makes a person capable of drawing out the perfect quote from someone who barely speaks. It makes a person persuasive enough to get things published. It makes a person lightning-fast at learning new things and organized to a fault. Above all, seven years in media makes a person loyally dedicated to each and every one of their clients, regardless of company size or paycheck.

Experience isn’t everything, but it’s almost everything.

Experience isn’t what sets me apart, though. What makes me different from that army of “writers” is my creativity. I am deeply innovative, with a passion for new challenges and a hands-on approach with every project. I want to learn. I want to learn fast. And I want to do it for your benefit.

So who am I? I’m the person you need on your team.  

Email me now or check out my portfolio for proof.