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I’ve been trying to come up with a theme for my blog, but that’s like trying to come up with a theme for myself, which is ridiculous.

It’s scary to know that my thoughts are immortalized in a way that no previous generation has known. The internet is a boundless, unforgiving force that could very likely bring my past back to bite.

I don’t presume to be evolved enough to hold values that I’ll hold forever. The day will come when I look back on my current self with a patronizing smile. I already smirk at the me from four years ago.

Right now, here are some things (I think) I know:

1. I’ve written enough to know that I never want to stop.

2. Children hold the solution to the all of the world’s problems (yes, all of them).

3. Life is unfair.

I truly believe that somehow, someday, the stars and planets will align and these three facts will arrange themselves gracefully into a perfect career. But for now, there’s this blog.

You can also stalk me in this eerie information age: I’m on Twitter and LinkedIn. If these options don’t appeal to you, feel free to send me an old-fashioned email:

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